Why Was This Blog Column Originally Titled "Barnabas"?

by Don Hooser
This column is for articles, blogs and book reviews that are not about one particular topic in the list of topics. It is for uplifting pieces that encourage, comfort, inspire and motivate.

HUSH—Moving from Silence to Healing after Childhood Sexual Abuse

Book Review by Don Hooser
The introduction to HUSH states this: “In 2000, researchers at the National Center for Victims of Crime estimated that one in every three girls and one in every six boys are sexually abused by the time they turn eighteen!”

Gratitude is an Antidote to Dysfunctional Behaviors!

by Don Hooser
Just take a look at the list of “Topics” here on Breaking Free and it’s striking and sobering to see the big variety of serious troubles—mental, spiritual and physical problems—we humans get ourselves into!

Serious sins of church members—How do we react when we hear of them?

Author: Member of United Church of God
What are your thoughts, reactions and actions after you learn about someone’s sin—present or past, one-time or ongoing—especially a sin by a fellow church member and especially when the weakness seems strange, shocking or repulsive to you?

You Can Break the Cycle of Generational Dysfunction!

by Greg Thomas

Often some of our deepest personal problems are rooted in something we can't control—dysfunctional family behavioral patterns that came before us. But we can control our choices, and each of us can choose life and good things!

In 1974 American singer and songwriter Harry Chapin recorded a song titled "Cat's in the Cradle." The song is about a father who is too busy to spend time with his son, instead offering vague promises to spend time with him in the future.

Are You a Barnabas?

by Janet Treadway

If there is one thing we really need in this world, it is encouragement. People can be pretty tough on us, and we tend to be pretty tough on ourselves.

To be an encourager is to give courage to someone to continue on. Barnabas was such a man—that's why they called him Barnabas (Son of Encouragement)! What can we learn from him?

Barnabas: The Encourager

by Dan Dowd

Have you ever had a friend stand up for you? What about someone who helped and supported you even before you became friends? Barnabas was that kind of person. His life provides some great lessons for us today.

A Lesson from Ghana: Live by the Two Great Commandments

by Melvin Rhodes
Ghana is one of the friendliest countries in the world. It seems like everybody wants “to be your friend.” From the moment you arrive until the time of departure, it seems like nobody will leave you alone. Many request your e-mail address, while others want their photograph taken with you. Any visitor is bound to feel like the center of attention.
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