Welcome to Breaking Free

We’re pleased to make this Web resource available to our church members and to the general public. It's purpose is to assist all those who are struggling to "break free" from addictions, unhealthy habits, destructive behaviors and scars from the past. It is also for family members and other loved ones who are seeking to understand and help those who struggle with personal problems.

Articles cover a wide range of topics including addictions of all kinds, substance abuse, eating disorders, personal abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, emotional), sexual sins, homosexuality, other dysfunctional behaviors and mental disorders.

Breaking Free Journal is part of the educational and outreach program of the United Church of God, an International Association.  Our desire is to reach out to two "audiences":

1.  As we preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all the world, we want to also offer practical knowledge, comfort and encouragement for dealing with life's problems.  In this we are inspired by the examples of Jesus Christ and the apostles. While they preached hope for the next life, they also offered healing for this life.

2.  As we offer a church home, loving care and spiritual nourishment to those whom God is calling, we also want to help them as much as we possibly can to achieve their goals of becoming spiritually, mentally and physically healthy.

This Web site is organized topically, and we plan to update it regularly.  We welcome articles from those who wish to encourage others by sharing their own experiences and from professionals who work in these areas. All submissions must be written by members of the United Church of God.  Please click the About button to find out more about contributing.

To learn more, see "About: Learn About Breaking Free."

Purpose in brief

The Breaking Free Web Journal exists to help people break free from spiritually destructive habits, actions and attitudes and prepare them for better service to God through the sharing of knowledge and experience.


Breaking Free articles are written by members of the Church who wish to help others by sharing their own experiences or the experiences of family members. Some articles are written by professionals who are also members of the Church. The content of these articles is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. While we do not endorse any particular therapy or medical counsel, we strongly recommend that people always seek appropriate medical or psychological advice when dealing with serious personal problems.